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Rates phone scam warning

Published: 18 September 2017

Auckland Council is warning residents to be vigilant after a woman fell victim to a scam from a person claiming to be from ‘Auckland Council Rates Team’.

The woman says she received a phone call from someone advising that her rates were overdue. She was then asked for her credit card details.

Never give account details over phone

Auckland Council, or any of its council-controlled organisations such as Auckland Transport, would never ring ratepayers to ask for bank account or credit card details.

Report suspicious calls to the police

We strongly advise that no one gives out their bank account and/or credit card details over the phone to anyone, regardless of where they say they are from.

If anyone receives a call of this nature, we would urge them to record the number it comes from, if that’s possible, and pass the details onto the police.

How to pay your rates

Find out how to pay your rates on the Auckland Council website.

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