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Tips for making Auckland a dog-friendly city

Published: 15 November 2018

Albert-Eden-Roskill Ward Councillor Cathy Casey is continuing to champion making Auckland a dog-friendly city.

“A big factor in making a dog-friendly city is being able to take your dogs out to places where you go,” says Cr Casey, who chairs the council's community development and safety committee, and loves dogs.  

Cr Casey has recently returned from a family visit to Scotland and the Netherlands, where she saw dogs welcomed everywhere she went – airports, train stations, shops, restaurants and food markets. She would love Auckland businesses to roll out a welcome like this to its 100,000 dogs and their owners.

Here are her top tips for businesses that will put Auckland on the world map as a city that welcomes dogs:

1. If you are a business that welcomes dogs, let owners know with obvious signs like they do in Dunkeld, Scotland.

2. It’s lovely (and safe) when controlled dogs on leash are invited into shops or public spaces. It’s a normal feature of daily life in many cities in Netherlands. 

This Rotterdam restaurant is a great example.

3. It’s all good if restaurants and cafes want pets to stay outside while their families eat or shop. It’s a nice touch if the pets get a sheltered tie-up place and a water bowl while they wait.

At a recent Auckland Council Planning Committee Meeting, Councillor Cathy Casey’s notice of motion to allow people to carry pets on public transport was unanimously supported by councillors, subject to having a consistent policy including appropriate health and safety guidelines.

Renew registration for your dog

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