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Stormwater works revitalising Takanini natural heritage

Published: 12 December 2018
Councillor Daniel Newman 

Construction of a new stormwater system extending from Old Wairoa Road and Walters Road to the Pahurehure Inlet is set to reduce the impact of flooding and allow for further housing development in Takanini.

Councillor Daniel Newman recently visited the site and was impressed by the progress made.

“With so much housing to be built in this area, this project is enabling us to have the infrastructure needed to sustain such an influx," he said.

Councillor Newman was also pleased to see public amenities and improving the natural heritage of the area were a key part of the development.

“The project is creating the stunning Awakeri Wetlands, with a network of 2.3km of pathways, complemented by over 100,000 newly planted natives, making this a unique open-space that will enhance the community for many generations.”

The project aims to acknowledge the area’s history, by sourcing two plant species that have become regionally extinct and cultivating them for this project. The wetlands will also provide habitat for aquatic species such as banded kokupu and eels, as well as native lizards and birds.

The Awakeri Wetlands is expected to be complete in 2020 and, in the coming months, works will be focussed on the excavation of the waterway and construction of the boardwalks, weirs and footpaths.