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Top beaches and reserves to walk your dog in this summer

Published: 22 December 2018

With summer arriving, you and your four-legged friend want to get out and feel the sand under your paws.

To make it easier, we’ve put together a list of top beaches and reserves all over the city with off-lead areas during the day.  

North: St Leonards Beach, Hauraki  

For anyone on the North Shore, the little-known St Leonard’s is the place to go, offering a rare beach off-lead spot during daytime hours.

East: Mellons Bay Beach and Reserve

For anyone out east or even in central, nip along to Mellon’s Bay. The western area of the bay is off-lead 24/7 all year round and a great spot for a breezy summer walk.

South: Beachlands Domain

Beachlands Domain offers a great grassy space to let loose and run about off-lead during those summer days.

West: Piha

Go West young dog and run over the sands of Piha. A famous doggy paradise, there’s plenty of room to bark, play and jump in the waves. The area between Monkey Rock and Lion Rock is off-lead during the day, while other areas offer spots for on-lead strolls. Check out more information here.

Check your local beach

Wondering about the restrictions at your local beach spot? Just search here to find out dog access hours of any Auckland beach or park.

Find out more information about dog and beach rules.

Follow our top tips for keeping your dog safe this summer.

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