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Celebrating International Women's Day

Published: 8 March 2018
Parul Sood, Waste Solutions Planning Manager

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Celebrate International Women's Day 2018

International Women’s Day is an opportunity for everyone to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

Across Auckland Council we’re celebrating the contribution our women and their many successes play in making our organisation a diverse and vibrant place to work.

Today we shine the spotlight on Parul Sood, Waste Solutions Planning Manager who is trail blazing in the world of waste. She represented Auckland at the global C40 Cities Awards 2017 in Chicago, which recognises the world’s most inspiring and innovative cities tackling climate change. 

The Zero Waste Award recognised the leadership and the amazing work done by her team and community partners for striving towards our goal of zero-waste for Auckland by 2040.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

For me it’s a way to recognise and celebrate women and their achievements, regardless of their ethnic, economic or political preferences. 

Every woman has something special to add to the world and the workplace. 

Individually and collectively everyone can make a difference within their sphere of influence – whether it’s taking the time to support another woman in her development or leadership journey or being a strong role model and inspiring others.

Why is diversity in the workplace important?

Diversity of people represents diversity of thought – people who have different experiences and backgrounds enhance a business.  Those differences shape how we think and help boost creative problem-solving to find the most innovative solutions to complex challenges.

The challenge is how we can make sure we incorporate diversity across all areas and levels of our organisation.

What’s your biggest wish for Auckland’s future?

To inspire everyone to take better care of Mother Earth and our environment.  It worries me that we fail to recognise long term benefits of our investments today. There is no waste in nature – so having waste in our society represents great inefficiencies.  

A world-class city is a zero-waste city; we all need to take care of Mother Earth and our environment for future generations. 

We have so many exciting opportunities ahead, and I’m proud to work with an amazing team who are all equally passionate to turn our waste into valuable resources and strive towards a more circular economy.

Everyone can have their say about Auckland Council’s proposed plan for managing waste – AK Have Your Say.

Ideas to celebrate International Women’s Day

  1. Take the time to acknowledge your fellow female colleagues and the contribution they make.
  2. Wear the official colours: green, white and purple.
  3. Tonight head along to 2018 Writers & Readers opening night event Women Changing the World in celebration of women, their words and their power to change – marking 125 years of New Zealand suffrage. 
  4. Got any unwanted shoes, bags, jewellery, make-up or clothes in new or near-new condition? Donate these to Dress for Success Auckland, a not-for-profit organisation empowering women to achieve economic independence.

Auckland Council's commitment to an inclusive Auckland

At Auckland Council we’re committed to gender equality, diversity and inclusiveness.

"Auckland Council has a strong commitment to diversity and gender equity," says Director People & Performance Director Patricia Reade.

"One of our specific goals is to ensure our senior leadership closely reflects Auckland’s demography in terms of its gender and ethnicity."

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