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Associate minister helps with spotty cycleway installation

Published: 9 March 2018

Associate Minister of Transport Julie-Anne Genter has helped install the new contra-flow cycleway on Federal Street, as part of the walking and cycling improvements for the area.

The associate minister painted a section of the new cycleway and found out more about the project, which includes polka dots at intersections to slow vehicles.

“I think trialing walking and cycling improvements is a great way to test new street designs with the community," she says.

“It’s something I’d love to see more of in all our cities."

Auckland Transport’s Walking, Cycling and Road Safety Manager, Kathryn King, says even though the installation is not finished yet, the benefits are already being realised.

“Drivers are slowing down around intersections and more people are stopping to look at the changes. It’s made this part of the city really colourful and already it’s much more pedestrian-friendly.”

The project, once complete, will go from Victoria Street to Fanshawe Street. The installation is a trial and we will be asking for feedback on the changes after it is complete, to get users’ views on their experiences.

The works are expected to be completed later this month.

The project includes:

  • A protected south-bound (up Federal Street) 'contra-flow' cycle lane, allowing people cycling to travel in the opposite direction to traffic on Federal Street.
  • Improved pedestrian facilities in the lower section of Federal Street through upgraded footpath surfacing, road marking and signage.
  • An easy north/south route through central Auckland for walkers and cyclists, providing an alternative to Hobson Street and Albert Street.
  • A link in the City Centre Cycle Network to the Nelson Street Cycleway, via the future Victoria Street Cycleway.

Given Federal Street's relatively low traffic speeds and volume, people cycling north-bound can do so in the general traffic lane, guided by 'sharrows' – road markings designed to guide bike riders and alert motorists to their presence.


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