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Improving transport in Auckland

Published: 5 March 2018

In the mid to late 20th century, Auckland’s transport network – like that of many cities – became dependent on private cars.

This worked well for some people, but Auckland’s rapid population growth has since led to crippling congestion becoming one of our city’s biggest and most costly problems.

Congestion now costs Auckland $2 billion a year

Congestion costs our economy up to $2 billion a year in lost productivity. It’s frustrating and it wastes everyone’s time. New roads often fill up soon after opening, compounding the problem rather than fixing it. 

Councillor Chris Darby, Auckland Council’s Planning Committee chair, says the future of Auckland is a step-change in transport.

“By 2028, our population will reach 2 million people – much faster than the original estimate of 2035,” he says.

“People are increasingly attracted to Auckland from across the country and beyond, and as a result the face of our city is changing.

"Now is the time to view the future through the lens of our children, and their children. We need to rethink how they will navigate Auckland and start redesigning the city they need now.”

The Auckland Plan aims to give Aucklanders more transport choices

To help solve these problems, the draft Auckland Plan 2050 aims to make it easier to get around as Auckland continues to grow over the next 30 years. It focuses on improving transport choices and giving Aucklanders the opportunity to travel reliably, safely and quickly without relying on a car.

This will require:

  • creating a more integrated transport system that better connects people, places, goods and services
  • making public transport, walking and cycling preferred travel choices for far more Aucklanders
  • transforming street design to support quality urban living
  • improving road safety and reducing pollution
  • maximising the benefit of new and emerging technologies like ride-share and bike-share apps and autonomous rapid transit.

Tell us what you think

Now is the time to have your say on shaping the future of transport in Auckland.

We’re consulting on the draft Auckland Plan 2050 and 10-year Budget now.

The Auckland Plan sets our long-term direction and looks at the important challenges we need to address, including transport.

The 10-year Budget focuses on how we’re going to pay for improvements to transport over the medium term of the next 10 years.

Go to to find out more about all the issues we’re consulting on and to have your say on Auckland’s future.