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Local board calls on residents to make transport a priority

"It's important our community's voice is heard on this."

Published: 8 March 2018
Māngere-Ōtāhuhu Local Board chair Lemauga Lydia Sosene wants people to feedback on the transport issues they face.

Māngere-Ōtāhuhu Local Board chair Lemauga Lydia Sosene wants local residents to make their voices heard, particularly when it comes to sorting out the region’s traffic congestion issues.

Of the items up for consultation in Auckland Council’s 10-year Budget for 2018-2028, a regional fuel tax is being proposed to fund critical investment to advance transport infrastructure.

“It is a real priority for us that Māngere-Ōtāhuhu residents give their views on the future of transport solutions suggested by Auckland Council.

“Our area is crucial in terms of regional connectivity and so it’s important our community’s voice is heard on this.”

Sosene says it’s also vital to think about what services the community needs today.

“One of the critical projects I want to see progressed is work on the Māngere East precinct so we can have facilities that support it being a thriving, liveable community hub," she says.

“Our board have also outlined five more priorities that we’ll be focusing on in the coming financial year."

These include; promoting waste reduction, upgrading facilities around Boggust Park in Favona, continuing to ensure our local pools are free, promoting local tourism opportunities as well as ensuring our Maori and Pasifika identity is treasured.

“Go to to see a full run down of our priorities and the items of regional focus for the Auckland Council’s 10-year budget," she says. 

“It’s vital our community makes their voice heard on all these issues so we can help shape the future of Auckland.”

What are the Auckland Council’s 10-year Budget items for consultation?

  • The introduction of a regional fuel tax to fund critical investment in transport infrastructure.
  • Introduction of a water quality targeted rate to raise $400 million to fund the Water Quality Improvement Programme to significantly reduce wastewater overflows into our harbours.
  • Introduction of a natural environment targeted rate to raise either:
    - an additional $123 million to fund additional projects to protect our natural environment and tackle kauri dieback disease, or;
    - an additional $279 million for kauri dieback and targeted ecological protection.
  • Average general rates rises of 2.5 per cent for the first two years and 3.5 per cent for each year after that.
  • Changes to the rates of online accommodation providers (e.g. Airbnb properties) who let out their whole property as a commercial or semi-commercial business.
  • Disestablishment of the council-controlled organisation Auckland Council Investments Limited with the investments in Auckland International Airport Limited and Ports of Auckland Limited to be transferred to Auckland Council parent.
  • The Uniform Annual General Charge increases in line with the general rates increase.
  • Resumption of the Long-term Differential Strategy relating to business and residential rates.

Consultation will run between 28 February and 28 March 2018. Head to for more information on how to have your say.

Māngere-Ōtāhuhu Local Board's upcoming Have Your Say events

  • Saturday 10 March, 10am-12pm – Drop-in meeting, Māngere Town Centre, 93 Bader Drive, Māngere
  • Thursday 15 March, 5pm-7.30pm – Drop-in meeting, Māngere East Community Centre, 372 Massey Road, Māngere East
  • Sunday 25 March, 9am-12pm – Drop-in event, Māngere Bridge Village Boutique Market, 19-35 Coronation Road.

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