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What is water quality worth to you?

Published: 7 March 2018
Safeswim sign Mission Bay

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Do you want healthy water? Have your say!

Auckland Council's draft 10-year Budget is out for consultation until 28 March. One of its proposals is a targeted water rate to allow us to invest more in our water infrastructure to improve Auckland's water quality. 

Go to to tell us what you think about this and other proposals. We want to hear from you.

Safeswim part of water-quality improvement plan

Auckland Council's Safeswim programme, launched this summer, is part of the plan to improve the quality of our water.

Safeswim won't improve water quality on its own. What it does do is provide  accurate information  to beachgoers and beach-users on the quality of our beach water.

This information can be surprising. Some Aucklanders have told us they've visited their local beaches for years and can remember only a few times when the water quality has been poor enough to prevent swimming.

That’s because they didn’t have the benefit of Safeswim to provide them with the information to make an informed choice. Now they do.

While a red flag on Safeswim indicates a level of risk, every individual’s assessment of risk varies. For example, a family’s tolerance for risk is likely to be lower than that of a surfer or paddle boarder who might be more accepting of lower water quality and strong winds.

How important is clean water to you?

Auckland Council is committed to improving water quality in our region. Your feedback on the 10-year Budget will help us determine how we do this, and how much we spend.

Go to to find out more and give your feedback.

Find out more about Safeswim and Auckland's water

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