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70 tonnes of food scraps already collected in Papakura

Published: 16 April 2018

Auckland Council's first food waste collection service started in Papakura four weeks ago, and it's already diverting substantial amounts of waste from landfill.

Since 19 March, the service has diverted over 70 tonnes from landfill – that's about the weight of 50 family cars or 14 African elephants! 

Each household using the service has been putting out an average of 4.2kg of scraps each week.

What happens to all those food scraps?

The food scraps collected from the service are processed for beneficial refuse, creating a nutrient-rich compost that is returned to the soil across the upper North Island to grow fruit and vegetables.

This helps to complete the nutrient cycle and reduces Auckland’s carbon footprint as a result.

Giving back to the community

Some of the compost created will also be available to community groups as part of Auckland Council’s compost for communities scheme.

In around 8-10 weeks' time, the first compost from our compost to communities scheme will be available from the Papakura service, some of which will be used by community groups and schools.

Red-top bins rolling out

Papakura is now getting its red-top wheelie bins delivered. The bin service starts on 21 May – tags for the new service will be available from early May.

For more information on the Papakura food waste collection or the new refuse bins, see Make the Most of Waste.


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