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Rodney Local Board sets dates for decisions on transport, budget

Published: 7 May 2018

Rodney Local Board will decide its transport targeted rate proposal at a meeting on 24 May.

Local board deputy chair Phelan Pirrie says that the rest of the feedback from the 10-year budget and other plans will still be considered at this week’s meeting on 10 May.

“However, it’s become very clear that the sensible thing to do is to postpone the transport targeted rate discussion by a further two weeks. Waiting a few weeks gives us the opportunity to consider Rodney residents' views in their entirety.

“Consultation is only now underway on the Regional Fuel Tax and Auckland Transport’s Regional Land Transport Plan.

“Opportunities to get more regional funding may enable the proposed targeted rate to accelerate Rodney projects faster. The transport projects are all inter-related so it makes sense to consider the proposals as a whole rather than in isolation.”

The local board’s feedback and recommendations will be put forward for the council’s Governing Body to consider at their meetings in May and June.

The local board’s agenda for next week’s meeting is available on the council’s website.


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