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Patuone Reserve Walkway and Cycleway Project

Published: 14 June 2018

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Transforming transport into and around Takapuna

Devonport-Takapuna Local Board is working to shape, co-fund and deliver a number of exciting transport projects set to transform how people can get around the North Shore and into the city once SkyPath and SeaPath projects are delivered.

The Patuone Reserve Walkway in Takapuna has been given the green light to proceed into construction late next year thanks to funding from both Devonport-Takapuna Local Board and Auckland Council.

When completed, the project will deliver a safe and attractive 1km long, 2.5m wide off-road path between Esmonde Road and Auburn Street in central Takapuna.

Patuone Reserve Walkway

The path will be made from concrete and timber boardwalk and will feature viewing platforms with educational signage. It will navigate its way through existing trees and vegetation and provide connections to Barry’s Point Road and its supermarket.

New planting will be installed throughout the project area - increasing native species to support native birdlife and other ecology. Non-native invasive plants will be removed and stormwater infrastructure improved, outlets cleared, and pollutant traps installed to reduce contamination of the upper estuary.

Devonport-Takapuna Local Board Chair George Wood says it’s the first in many exciting game-changing transport projects for the area.

“We’ve committed our entire transport budget to assist with off-road transport solutions across the peninsula to reduce congestion on Lake and Esmonde roads."

“When the projects contained within the Lake Road Improvements Project are completed, they will link up to Esmonde Road and allow people to move safely and continuously along the peninsula into Takapuna and on into the city,” says Wood.

North Shore Ward Councillor Richard Hills says council is working with Auckland Transport and central government to achieve smart, joined-up outcomes for the community.

Creating safe, healthy and attractive travel options

“The value of this project will become clear once other various connecting projects have funding approved and are delivered."

“We’ve worked hard alongside our local boards to ensure that council’s 10-year budget and the Regional Land Transport Plan have some significant, meaningful deliveries for the North Shore.”

“It’s all about creating safe, healthy and attractive options for our residents and visitors to get around that ease congestion, reduce carbon emissions, and increase health and well-being.”

Search OurAuckland to find out more about local transport projects set to improve transport on the North Shore.


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