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Cheaper hall hire for council-managed halls in Rodney

Published: 11 July 2018

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Hire fees coming down for council-managed halls in Rodney.

Rodney’s hall hire fees are coming down. It will be cheaper to use most halls this year after Rodney Local Board set hire fees from July for 12 council-managed sites.

Parks and Recreation Committee Chair Brent Bailey says hall charges need to be realistic for an area. The board considers feedback from hall committees, hirers, community groups and analysis of booking data.

“Halls should be well-used, well-maintained and well-run community spaces,” he says.

“There are costs for each hall’s upkeep and administration, so it’s important to get it right when charging hirers, especially community groups.”

Fees cover the period until next June and the average hourly rate is $19.20 off-peak and $24 peak. The most expensive peak time hourly rates are for the main halls - $59 for Warkworth Town Hall and $34 for Helensville War Memorial Hall.

Non-profit community groups get a 50 per cent discount, and on average pay $9.60 off-peak and $12 at peak times.

Hourly charges are also capped for longer bookings so that a two-day booking is capped at 16 hours and a three-day booking at 30 hours.

As part of ensuring the halls are well-maintained, Warkworth’s Old Masonic Hall is being repainted, and the Wellsford Community Centre’s stage has been repaired.

Work planned in the year ahead includes replacing parts of the roofs at Wellsford Community Centre and Coatesville Settlers Hall, and refurbishing toilets at Pakiri Hall.

There are 23 council-owned community halls available for regular use or hire in Rodney. Anyone looking for a venue should visit Auckland Council's community venue page to find and book a space.

Anyone wanting to find out more about managing and operating a local hall should contact Rural Hall Advisor Jo Heaven at