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Planning underway around Matiatia commercial leases

Published: 1 August 2018

Commercial leases at Matiatia that run out next year won’t necessarily be renewed, allowing plans to improve the area to advance.

In May, Auckland Council decided to delegate land use and development decision-making over public land at Matiatia to the Waiheke Local Board.

Chair Cath Handley says that decision, alongside Auckland Transport’s purchase of the Owhanake carpark up the hill and $15 million allocation in its 10-year budget to improve transport infrastructure at Matiatia, means work on a strategic plan can start.

"The plan will be built on the outcomes of the highly successful community survey Direction Matiatia undertook to better understand community aspirations. With America’s Cup opportunities being flagged for Waiheke, it is more important than ever to move forward."

The board, Direction Matiatia and Auckland Transport will form a project team to work with stakeholders including Ngati Paoa, and commuter, tourism and environmental interests.

Handley says the board expects to have concepts, which will be formally consulted on, in the next few months.

The board is also working with transport operators to have a more permanent tour vehicle parking area in place ahead of summer. More public parking resulting from the lease changes will offset any reduction in carparks.