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Auckland Council supports Ministry for the Environment phasing out single-use plastic bags

Published: 11 September 2018

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Auckland Council strongly supports a mandatory phase-out of the sale or distribution of single-use plastic shopping bags.

Auckland Council has added its voice to the New Zealand Government’s call for feedback on how to manage single-use plastic shopping bags to help protect our environment and New Zealand’s clean, green reputation.

Auckland Council’s submission outlines strong support for Option 1 – a mandatory phase-out of the sale or distribution of single-use plastic shopping bags – as the most effective and wide-reaching mechanism for addressing the environmental issues associated with single-use plastic shopping bags.

To be most effective, Auckland Council agrees the ban should apply to all retailers who distribute plastic bags and supports the proposal for a six-month phase-out timeframe to allow retailers and consumers to prepare and adapt.

Call for change is clear

Councillor Penny Hulse, Chair of the Environment and Community Committee supports phasing out single-use plastic bags and wants a focus on reducing all single-use plastics as well as responsible recycling.

“With hundreds of millions of plastic bags being used only once by Kiwis each year for an average of only 10 minutes, the desire to reduce our plastic waste and the call for change from the public to protect our environment is loud and clear.” 

“Aucklanders care deeply about the issue of plastic waste and see removing single-use plastic shopping bags as a positive start." 

"Our local communities want to see more action from local and central government to reduce all single-use plastics from polluting our precious coastal and marine environments.”

“Auckland Council commends the Minister and Ministry for the Environment for enacting powers within the Waste Minimisation Act 2008 and recognising that over the longer term, plastic waste needs to be designed out of our economy.”

“In the Auckland Plan 2050, Auckland Council outlines that a shift from a linear to a circular economy is necessary to move towards our zero-waste vision and to help Auckland become a world-class city.”

“There are so many alternative reusable options widely available now for everything from shopping bags to coffee cups and water bottles. So, reducing our reliance on single-use plastics and living plastic-free has never been easier.”

"Once the outcome of the public consultation is known, engagement and consultation with mana whenua, community groups, small businesses and business associations on the implementation of the phase-out will be important." 

Have your say

Thousands of New Zealanders have shared their views on the proposed mandatory phase-out of single-use plastic shopping bags in New Zealand.

You can add your view on New Zealand becoming free of single-use plastic bags until Friday 14 September.

To have your say, visit:

Auckland Council draft submission

Read the full draft submission on the proposed mandatory phase-out of single-use plastic shopping bags from Auckland Council.

Read more: Environment Waste


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