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Temporary speed limit restrictions on Whitford Road and Whitford-Maraetai Road

Published: 20 September 2018

There are temporary speed limit restrictions in force on certain sections of Whitford and Whitford-Maraetai Roads in east Auckland. This is a safety measure put in place until these sections of the roads are resurfaced.

There have been a number of crashes reported along both roads and maintenance tests by Auckland Transport (AT) showed that these roads require a higher level of skid resistance than they currently have.

Having appropriate skid resistance is an important factor in keeping vehicles on the road, especially while negotiating curves, while wet or during emergencies.

Applying new surfacing is weather dependent and the work is anticipated to be carried out during the summer months.

The maps show the different sections of roads where temporary speed limit restrictions are in place.

AT is currently reviewing speed limits on a number of rural roads to make them safe and appropriate. These roads will also be considered as part of that review. 

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