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Track in Clevedon Scenic Reserve closed to protect kauri

Published: 24 September 2018

A section of track in Clevedon Scenic Reserve has been closed today, as a proactive measure against kauri dieback disease.

Biosecurity Manager, Phil Brown says the temporary closure of the western track is to protect a significant stand of kauri.

“Kauri dieback has not yet been identified in the area where the reserve is located, and our main objective across the region is to protect high-value, healthy kauri," he says.

“This particular track has been prioritised due to the exposed roots that people are walking across; increasing the risk of spread if the disease were to enter the area.

“We have closed the track as a precautionary, temporary step. The Franklin Local Board have work underway to design a new, upgraded track that will protect this kauri for future generations.

“This reserve is also located close to the Hunua Ranges Regional Park, which contains some of the largest stands of currently disease-free kauri in the country, further influencing the decision to close.”

The kauri are located at the bottom of the loop, so the track leading out needs to be closed to stop people walking around the barriers that will be installed.

The other part of the loop will remain open and provide access to the lookout, which has recently been partially upgraded by the Franklin Local Board.

Local board supportive

“This track is well-used by our community, and while closure isn’t a favourite option, at this point, it will provide us with the highest level of protection to keep this area kauri dieback free, says Franklin Local Board Chair, Angela Fulljames.  

“We are happy that while the closure is in place and further upgrade work undertaken, our locals and visitors will still be able to come to the reserve and walk to the beautiful 360-degree lookout using the newly upgraded part of the track.

"Our community has been supportive and respectful of the track closures in the Hunua Ranges Regional Park put in place earlier this year, and we ask that they continue to find alternatives while this track is not available for use.”

This follows other proactive closures by Auckland Council across the region to protect kauri; most recently in Kaipatiki earlier this month. 

Kauri areas

Always clean your footwear and equipment before entering kauri areas and after leaving and use any footwear cleaning stations you encounter on your visit. Please always stick to designated open tracks.

See a map of the closed track here.

Find out more about kauri dieback disease and closed areas here


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