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Council, AT seek safety assurances from Lime

Published: 21 February 2019

Auckland Council and Auckland Transport are actively seeking assurances from Lime this week regarding issues with some e-scooters locking.

Auckland Council has formally written to Lime twice this week to request urgent updates to allow any next steps from a licencing perspective to be decided on.

We have also asked Lime to provide information on the number of scooters affected, the technical issue leading to failure, its proposed solution including how it will manage pulling affected scooters off the streets, and assurance there will no further malfunctions.

Lime has until 12pm Friday 22 February to provide Auckland Council and Auckland Transport with the information to make an assessment.

We have reinforced the need for transparency and improved communications on the scooter malfunction issues.

Our priority remains ensuring that people who choose to use this innovative new mode of transport are safe. We will continue to hold Lime and other e-scooter providers accountable for the safety of their scooter product.

We have set out high expectations for scooter safety for Lime’s customers and other road users as part of Lime’s licence extension, and we expect issues like this to be raised with us as a priority. Customers have an expectation that these services are safe to operate.

As part of the code of practice for shared scooter services, the operator needs to ensure its fleet is safe for its customers. The code of practice outlines safety and maintenance standards. We expect any service provider to investigate and remedy safety issues as quickly as possible.

How street trading is licensed

Auckland Council staff have the delegation to grant street trading licences under the Auckland Council and Auckland Transport Trading and Events in Public Places Bylaw 2015. Street trading licences are granted to businesses who operate in public spaces and cover a range of activities from mobile food vendors, outdoor dining to events.

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