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Manukau Harbour Forum educating the local community

Published: 21 February 2019

In 2010, nine of the Auckland Council local boards joined together with technical support from across council and WaterCare to form the Manukau Harbour Forum. 

The Forum was established to help communities around Auckland to work better together on the big-picture task of looking after Manukau harbours' water, environment, ecology and cultural and social treasures, says Saffron Toms, Chair of the Forum and deputy chair of Waitākere Ranges Local Board.

“It’s important to have the local community actively involved in the harbour, and part of that is having a presence at local events such as this year's Onehunga Festival, which is located around the Onehunga Basin.”

“We’ll be there with an information and engagement tent, where team members will be available for a chat and people can learn more about the harbour and share their experiences."

Chris Makoare Chair of Mangkiekie Tāmaki Local Board and member of the Forum explains that: “It’s great to see the Forum involved in this local event, which will help bring attention to the Onehunga Basin, especially because it has seen so many improvements in recent years, not just from the visible infrastructure improvement projects, but we are proud to acknowledge water quality coming from the basin has improved as a result”

Come along to the Onehunga Festival Saturday 23 February between 10am and 3pm and join the fun. While you’re there visit the Manukau Harbour Forum team, they will be able to show you how to get involved and how little things can make a huge difference to the health of your arbour.

Find out more on the OurAuckland event listing.

Simple tips for protecting marine life

Simple changes in behaviour can have huge impacts on marine life and ecology:

  • Stop flushing wipes
  • Place your rubbish in a bin.
  • If you smoke place your butts in the rubbish
  • Volunteer to help clean up beaches, parks and waterways
  • Grow plants along stream banks, take part in local planting days
  • Manage your dog near wildlife
  • If you see water pollution report it to Auckland Council 09 3010101
  • Ensure that the wastewater and gutter to stormwater pipes for your property are draining into the same area and wastewater drains have raised edges to keep any surface water out.
  • Don’t pour fats or oils down drains
  • Wash your car on the grass, not a hard surface that goes down a drain



Supporting the Manukau Harbour Forum

Manukau Harbour is benefiting from the support of local boards.

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