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Mt Roskill town centre improvements underway

Published: 4 March 2019

Roadworks are underway at the corner of Dominion Road and Mt Albert Road in the Mt Roskill.

The works will make the town centre more suitable for double-decker buses, which have been using the 25 bus routes since late December 2018, and future-proof Dominion Road so that light rail can be introduced. They will also provide some amenity improvements. 

Puketāpapa Local Board has worked with Auckland Transport to ensure an appropriate level of investment.

“Our investment will make this a much nicer place to be over the next few years, and as future proofed as possible,” says Puketāpapa Local Board Chair Harry Doig.

“We’re working to balance the needs of today and the future with new footpaths, a different kerb line, some provision for new seating and gardens, and acknowledging that after light rail comes through in the next few years the town centre is likely to develop significantly.”

The kerb line has been set to allow for light rail to be developed in the future. Many of the decisions – and costs – flow from where the kerb line is, as this determines where underground services have to be laid, light poles and signage put in, and gardens and benches situated. 

Long-promised improvements will be delivered for pedestrians such as new footpaths, seating and planting.

What is the city light rail?

The City Centre to Māngere light rail will support Auckland’s sustainable growth by creating an integrated public transport system of light rail, heavy rail, ferries, buses and busways. It will connect communities along its route and improve people’s access to jobs, education and recreation.


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