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Environmental rate empowers communities

Published: 21 May 2019
Successful applicants Awhitu and Whakaupoko Landcare ran a Trap and Bait day hub

This year, Auckland communities have been increasing conservation efforts thanks to the new Natural Environment Targeted Rate (NETR).

Money from NETR funded a pilot grant supporting conservation action in communities, particularly for recent or expanding groups.

Applications for the grant came from every grassy, wooded corner of the city: from established trusts to freshly started groups and growing networks. Now, more than $740,000 has been allocated across 34 successful applicants, who will provide invaluable contributions to make Auckland pest free by 2050.

The grant provided funding for conservation coordinators/facilitators to optimise work in priority areas, and strategic planning and administrative costs to improve efforts on the ground.

As these recipients dig into their projects, we’ll keep you posted on their work protecting our city’s beautiful natural environment. 

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