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Papakura Local Board makes CCTV grant

Published: 13 June 2019

Papakura Local Board has made a funding grant following a request from the Papakura Business Association for increased CCTV monitoring in the town.

Bringing Counties Manukau Police Relieving Area Commander Inspector Tony Wakelin along to the local board meeting, Papakura Business Association head Tracy Shackleton requested $29,250.

The association has 30 cameras in place and the base system is housed at the Papakura Police Station, where volunteers have been meeting to monitor it on a limited basis.

The new grant will pay for increased hours and regular monitoring of the existing CCTV system.

“I have to thank Papakura Local Board for investing in CCTV to enhance the safety and security of the town. Our system is one of the best in the country,” Ms Shackleton says.

Inspector Wakelin confirmed the system helped police and supported a grant to fund more monitoring. “At the moment we have an expensive tool that could be used more effectively.”

Board member Katrina Winn says the one-off grant should be used effectively.

“We have put in a system and we need to resource it well, so I support this grant. But this board cannot bind future ones to that level of funding.”

She suggested the grant be treated as a pilot, with statistics collected on the effectiveness of the move, so good decisions could be made in the future.

Board deputy chair Felicity Auva’a also supported the move.

“The association has thought ahead and presented a well-considered case that will clearly deliver benefits to businesses, the community and residents.”

The grant comes out of the board’s budget for community-led placemaking.


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