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Plans altered to protect Stockade Hill views

Published: 13 June 2019

Majestic views of the Hauraki Gulf and its islands have been protected for future generations.

When the Auckland Unitary Plan became operative in 2016 Stockade Hill’s views were not guaranteed, prompting calls for a planning rule change.

After listening to community concerns, Auckland Council initiated a change in 2018 that introduced the Stockade Hill Viewshaft Overlay.

Although it guaranteed seaward views, an appeal calling for 360-degree view protection was lodged with the Environment Court.

Housing New Zealand also lodged an appeal, but both have now been settled, meaning the change can be made operative.

The Stockade Hill Viewshaft Overlay will be a standalone Auckland Unitary Plan chapter that protects seaward views by restricting development heights in the overlay area so views are not obstructed.



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