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Crows Nest Rise Walkway update

Published: 1 July 2019

People will again walk the popular Crows Nest Rise Walkway when it reopens this summer with repairs to the damaged route scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.

The clifftop walkway, between Murrays Bay and Mairangi Bay, was badly damaged by storms which caused several slips in May 2017. The first slip damaged the boardwalk near 13/15 Bournemouth Terrace and a second slip destroyed the stairs outside 18 Montrose Terrace.

The walkway was closed and the site placed under investigation by Auckland Council’s geotechnical experts. Extensive monitoring since the event has revealed no change to site conditions and no further ground movement.

The council will reopen the Bournemouth Terrace section after building a new aggregate path over the slip area, draining surface water off the cliff edge, erecting a new pedestrian safety barrier, and planting vegetation on the cliff’s seaward side.

In addition, a new staircase will be built at Montrose Terrace slip site which will require a building consent. Vegetation will be planted on the path’s seaward side prior to this section reopening.

Monitoring will occur each month and following significant rain events to ensure the walkway continues to be safe for public use.

Hibiscus and Bays Local Board Chair Julia Parfitt says the local board supports keeping the walkway open which has overwhelming public support.


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