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Howick Local Board seeks more protection for Stockade Hill

Board wants more love for Stockade Hill

Published: 10 July 2019

Howick Local Board is investigating more protection for Stockade Hill.

The hill’s Hauraki Gulf views have been protected by the Stockade Hill Viewshaft Overlay, which restricts development heights in the overlay area, so views are not obstructed.

Residents sought a planning rule change in 2016 when the Auckland Unitary Plan became operative without guarantees for Stockade Hill’s views.

After feedback, the council initiated a change introducing the viewshaft and its guarantees, but that saw an Environment Court appeal lodged, calling for 360-degree view protection.

That appeal was later settled, and the Stockade Hill Viewshaft Overlay will become a standalone Auckland Unitary Plan chapter.

Now the board has set aside $20,000 to seek independent planning advice on a change that would amend zoning around the hill.

Board chair David Collings says a brief to enable independent planners to be retained will be produced, so recommendations can be provided and passed to the council’s Planning Committee.

Board member Jim Donald says there is community concern that views to the hill are just as deserving of protection as views from its summit.

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