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Symposium to focus on Manukau Harbour health

Published: 15 July 2019

With 520km of coastline, the Manukau is New Zealand’s second largest harbour.

It is also in a state of serious decline and, as of 2010, the focus of the Manukau Harbour Forum.

The Forum was established by the nine local boards which surround the harbour and serves as a platform from which they work together for the well-being and future of this important natural taonga.

Each year, the group hosts the Manukau Harbour Symposium and Community Forum. The event brings together like-minded individuals, groups, businesses and organisations, with the goal of informing, sharing and working together towards the common goal - to improve the health of the Manukau Harbour.

The theme for this year’s symposium and community event is ‘What is the Water Future for the Manukau?’ 

Forum chairperson Saffron Toms describes the annual event as “an opportunity to learn from each other, to work together and investigate how we can all have positive impacts on the environment in which we live, work and play.

“I always come away from the Symposium invigorated, with a refreshed appreciation for the body of water and life it supports and of those individuals and groups who actively care for the future of the Harbour.”

Speakers at this year’s event will cover the topics of Auckland Council's Water Future Strategy, as well as Panuku Development Auckland’s plans for the Onehunga redevelopment and how the Harbour is at the beating heart of both proposals.

Guests will hear from young Sustainable Ambassadors, Smart Seeds, from Johnnie Freeland (Ngati te Ata) and will have the opportunity to contribute to the conversation through panel discussions and a Q&A session.

“We are more effective if we work together, which is why the forum was created in the first place. Everyone’s’ view and experience with the Harbour is unique and important to the conversation on a whole, so we hope to attract a wide range to this year's event.”

About the event

Everyone is invited to attend this free community symposium event.

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