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Targeted rates protecting our natural environment

Published: 19 July 2019

Aucklanders love the great outdoors, whether it be the bush or the beaches. We value the part it plays in our wellbeing and love of our city; its a high priority on the list of what makes Auckland special.

The two targeted rates introduced last year have helped us to increase our protection of Auckland’s natural environment and waterways. Over the last year, we have been able to support the following projects through the rates:

Natural Environment Targeted Rate

Kauri-safe tracks

26km of tracks have been made kauri-safe in the Waitākere Ranges, Hunua Ranges and other regional parks. Eight tracks have now been reopened in the Waitākere Ranges.

Pest management activities

A 3x increase in animal pest management activities (by $2million), including deer, goat and possum control.

Community group support

A 3x increase in support to community groups and landowners (by $1.4million) to provide tools for biodiversity management and restoration. This includes the Eastern Bays Songbird Project which covers 1380ha of urban Auckland’s Eastern Bays and has over 1040 rat traps, protecting birds and helping native wildlife to thrive.


Water Quality Targeted Rate

Cleaner Beaches

Safe Networks has screened 215 outlets on 28 beaches for further investigations and inspected 90 ha of storm and wastewater networks, to help make beaches cleaner and safer for swimming.

Cleaner inner harbour beaches

The western isthmus project has procured over $50 million of capital works in Daldy Street and Freemans Bay in Auckland Central. This will stop overflows into the Wynyard Basin and contribute significantly to reducing their volume and frequency in the inner harbour.

Community group support

$360,000 in grants have been given to 26 community groups and landowners who protect and restore urban and rural waterways. This includes the Wairoa Waterways Protection Fund Extension project which delivered more than 25km of fenceline protecting 4.8 ha of land from stock entering waterways.



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How the water and environment rates will help Auckland.

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