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New Māori and Indian street names in Puketāpapa

Published: 7 August 2019

Three new roads in Hillsborough have been newly created due to a subdivision development. Puketāpapa Local Board has adopted two Māori names - Karakia Lane meaning to recite ritual chants, say grace, pray, recite a prayer, chant, and Anahera Lane meaning angel – and one Indian name - Prakash Lane, meaning bright light.

The new names reflect the historical and ancestral context of the area. A building at the subdivision used to be a church. Then it was bought by an Indian community group to run their activities.

Using Māori names for roads, buildings and other public places is an opportunity to publicly demonstrate Māori identity. This is encouraged in the Auckland Plan too as Māori identity is Auckland’s point of difference in the world.

Dual naming of parks

Last year, Puketāpapa Local Board along with 10 other local boards participated in a project that sought to add Māori names to some of our parks and community facilities. Read more here

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