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Opportunities for rangatahi in Roskill South

Published: 31 July 2019

A collaboration between Youth Connections, Puketāpapa Local Board, HLC and The Southern Initiative will open up employment opportunities  for young people on local constructions sites.

Under-25s make up 36 per cent of the population in the local board area, with the local population growing 13 per cent since 2001. Only six per cent of people living in the immediate vicinity of the Roskill South development who are in employment, currently work in the construction sector.

Current housing development in Roskill South will require significant workforce over the long term. This initiative will tap into this demand and work with partners to provide young people with the opportunities to get a start with willing and engaged employers.

In its first phase, Mt Roskill organisations will be assisted to building capability and capacity of young people to ensure they are work-ready for a job in the construction sector.

“This is a strategic approach to making a difference to people's lives in our local area which is of significant need, but also of great opportunity,” says Harry Doig, Chair, Puketāpapa Local Board. 

According to the 2001-2013 census data, median personal income is just $14,000 per annum in the for people living in the immediate vicinity of the Roskill South development.


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