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Find a pest-free community group near you

Published: 20 September 2019

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Find a pest-free community group near you

Conservation groups across Auckland are working hard to protect our native habitats, plants and animals.

Pest Free Auckland 2050 sets out a vision and a plan to eradicate all pests from the Auckland region - but it will take hard work from volunteers like you to make it happen.

If you want to make a difference to your local area, find a conservation group near you at Nature Space or on the Auckland Community Groups map below. The map is regularly updated.

If you can’t find a community group in your area, get in touch with the team at to see if there’s a group not featured on the above lists. Or, why not start your own group with your neighbours? Council offers technical advice, best-practice guides, pest traps and funding.

Find out more

Read more about Pest Free Auckland and discover our region's environmental heros here on OurAuckland.

For additional advice, support and information on upcoming events, visit the Auckland Biodiversity Facebook page or sign up to the Pest Free Auckland 2050 newsletter.


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