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Puketāpapa plan to encourage health and wellbeing

Published: 10 September 2019

Puketāpapa Local Board has committed to building an environment that supports and encourages health and wellbeing in the area.

Working towards that, the board and Auckland Regional Public Health Service have endorsed a 'Strategic Health and Wellbeing Framework' for Puketāpapa.

The framework addresses the main things that impact people’s health so that Puketāpapa's people have a greater opportunity to lead healthier lives. It is supported by an action plan which over time will deliver outcomes set out in the framework.

Development work was led by the Auckland Council Community Empowerment Unit and project managed by a public health advisor. The framework and action plan have been developed with strong input from a range of community sources plus health and topic specialists.

Current priorities are promoting access to water, healthy food and active transport options like walking and cycling across the area, as well as encouraging residents to stay active through sport. The plan supports initiatives that aim to improve the environment where residents live, learn, work and play and empower communities to have better access and control over their health and wellbeing choices.

There are significant differences in socio-economic status across Puketāpapa. This is reflected in the health and wellbeing of residents. The Healthy Puketāpapa plan will deliver actions where everyone will benefit, and through targeted activities that work with those most impacted by health and wellbeing challenges.

A plan for the future

Puketāpapa is changing, with many neighbourhoods experiencing housing intensification. Around 10,000 new homes will be built over the next 10-15 years, bringing much needed warm, dry homes; however, living with change can put extra strain on individuals, whanau and communities. People’s wellbeing is vulnerable during times of change. Supporting communities going through transition to maintain their wellbeing and to become strong, proud new communities that value established families and welcome new people to the area is central to this plan.

A collaborative approach

Healthy Puketāpapa will be implemented through a coalition of community and agencies. The coalition Healthy Puketāpapa Together will build on existing community networks ensuring that consideration to community and agency capacity is addressed.

Empowered communities

The vision for the framework and action plan is to empower Puketāpapa’s communities, encourage them to work together and with agencies, and create opportunities for community members to influence decisions, take action and make change happen in their lives and families. 

Puketāpapa Local Board is committed to identifying ways to grow the capability within communities, so they have the skills and resources to contribute, and as a result achieve what is important to them and their health and wellbeing.

Read more about the Priorities for health and wellbeing in Puketāpapa the Healthy Puketāpapa: A Health and Wellbeing Strategic Framework here


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