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Help make Auckland a pest-free haven

Published: 9 October 2019

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A few ways you can help make Auckland a pest-free haven

Getting around Auckland is risky for us native birds. But there is a plan to make it safer, by turning Auckland into a pest-free haven.

The good news is you only need to do one simple thing in your backyard to make a difference this spring. And if you do all of them, it'll make a huge difference.

1.Place Traps

Introduced predators like rats and possums are our worst enemies. Our eggs and babies are defenceless against them and they catch and kill us adult birds.

Different predators need different traps and bait. Predator Free NZ has a range of effective traps, but make sure you always follow the directions for use.

2. Pull Weeds

Weeds outcompete native plants, depriving us native birds and the bees of important food sources.

Make sure you identify the weeds to make sure you're removing the right type of plant. Check out the Pest Plant search.

3. Plant Natives

Us native birds love gardens where we can easily find food and water and build a nest. Native plants provide us with the best sources of food and shelter.

When groups of neighbours have native trees and shrubs planted along their boundaries, they start to form corridors that help us move all over Auckland. You can find out if there's a community planting day coming up near you here.

4. Find a pest-free community group near you

Community conservation groups across Auckland are working hard to protect and restore our native ecosystems, plants and animals.

If you want to make a difference to your local area, find a conservation group near you at Nature Space or on the Auckland Community Groups map.

Thanks for helping us native birds by making your backyard a pest-free haven.

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