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What to expect on election day

Published: 10 October 2019

Voting in the Auckland local elections closes at midday on Saturday 12 October, and progress results will be published after 2pm.

We will publish a story here on OurAuckland once the progress results are published on the elections website,

Auckland Council will be phoning candidates as soon as we have the results.

Progress results reflect about 95 per cent of the votes cast but don’t include special votes and votes delivered on Saturday morning (election day).

Sunday 13 October

Preliminary results will be available on the morning of Sunday 13 October on These results will include all ordinary votes cast throughout the region but won’t include special votes.

Official results

Final results are expected on the afternoon of Thursday 17 October 2019 (once all valid special votes have been included). This will be followed by the publishing of the final results in the NZ Herald (public notices) on Monday 21 October.

What happens if there’s a tie?

The Electoral Officer is required to determine which candidate is elected by lot.  This is done by putting the names into a hat and picking the winner.

Who counts the votes?

Every council is required to appoint an Electoral Officer who is responsible for the conduct of the elections, which includes counting the votes. Auckland Council has appointed Dale Ofsoske of Independent Election Services as its Electoral Officer.

What about a recount?

If a candidate believes the Electoral Officer has wrongly declared the result and that a recount would result in the candidate being elected, that candidate may apply to a district court for a recount within three days following the public notice of the result (Monday 21 October). The judge may or may not then order a recount. As a result of a recount, the Electoral Officer may have to issue an amended declaration of results.