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Colourful streetscape makes Sale Street safer for all

Published: 21 November 2019

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A safer Sale Street

Large polka dots, squiggly lines and colourful planter boxes are some of the unconventional tools we are using to create a safer environment for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

Sale Street, in the city centre, is in its first stages of a permanent upgrade.

Auckland Council’s Specialist Urban Designer Claire Davis says the council’s Auckland Design Office became aware there was a high volume of vehicles entering Sale St (off Wellesley St) in excess of 50km/h.

“It was a bit of a hotspot, so we looked at trialling some unconventional tools like planter boxes, which actually force drivers to be careful going around the corner.

“Before there was a very sweeping curve from Wellesley Street into Sale Street and now it’s a much tighter radius – which slows vehicles down.”

She says it’s still a “traffic priority area” so pedestrians still have to give way to traffic.

“It’s created an area where it is safer to cross. It’s not an actual pedestrian crossing, but it provides a calmer space where everyone is a bit more cautious.”

Claire says the project, which was funded from the City Centre Targeted Rate, took two weeks to be installed.


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