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How 'Compleating' our food saves waste, money and time

Published: 15 November 2019

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Compleating is simple. It’s about eating the whole ingredient and letting no edible parts go to waste.

If food waste were a country, it would be the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world. 

Food scraps make up almost half the weight of the average Auckland household’s rubbish. The Compleat It campaign from Love Food Hate Waste is helping New Zealanders take action and compleat their food.

Compleating is simple. It’s about eating the whole ingredient and letting no edible parts go to waste. Trying one of these simple recipes helps us save money while also protecting our planet:

  • In New Zealand, we throw out 7039 tonnes of potato peelings each year. Pop them in the oven for homemade crisps

  • We waste 15,174 tonnes of bread each year across the country.  Kids can make a meal in a mug when your loaf is at its end

  • 37 per cent of us never eat our broccoli stalks, so we throw out 282 tonnes of them each year. We can get a nutritional boost by trying one of these eight recipes

  • Use up all the parts of a cauliflower by making cauliflower rice in under 10 minutes.

Together, we can reduce the 100,000 tonnes of domestic food scraps that are currently sent to landfill each year from Auckland alone.

Get started today

The Compleat It campaign is filled with tips, tricks and tempting recipes to help Kiwis make the most of every bit of food.

Watch one of these 1-minute recipe videos to get inspired by a simple curry or fritter, or make the most of seasonal food favourites by checking out the Easy Choice Family Kai free seasonal meal planner and recipe book which helps families shop for, cook and eat nourishing and affordable food.

Check out one of the videos below, and take a look at the YouTube channel to find more.

Simple tips, big savings

As a nation, we waste $1.17 billion on food that we buy and then throw away uneaten. According to Love Food Hate Waste, an average family in New Zealand will throw nearly three shopping trolleys of edible food in the bin every year. That adds up to be an average of $644 per family.

Waste Solutions General Manager, Parul Sood, is a champion of this Love Food Hate Waste initiative.

“There are some great, simple tips to make your food last longer and get more from each item. The recipes from Love Food Hate Waste challenge us to give up our preconceived notions of stalks and skins.”


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