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Mix of new faces and returning members lead local boards

Published: 15 November 2019

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New local board leaders take their place

Returning members and several new faces are among those elected to lead your local boards for the 2019-2022 term.

Five newly-elected members have been appointed chairs and 10 chairs from the last term have been returned to those roles. Eleven local boards have decided to have split terms for chairs, deputy chairs or both.

Four local board chairs from last term have been elected as ward councillors to the Auckland Council's Governing Body. 

There are a total of 65 new local board members out of 149 across 21 local boards.

Elected chairs and deputies

Local Board


Deputy Chair

Split terms ​ ​


Deputy Chair ​

​Change date


Margi Watson

Lee Corrick

Lee Corrick

Margi Watson

22 May 2021

Aotea / Great Barrier

Izzy Fordham

Luke Coles





Aidan Bennett

George Wood

Ruth Jackson

Jan O'Connor

28 April 2021


Andrew Baker

Angela Fulljames





Chris Carter

Will Flavell

Vanessa Neeson

Brenda Brady

28 April 2021

Hibiscus & Bays

Gary Brown

Victoria Short





Adele White

John Spiller





John Gillon

Danielle Grant





Lemauga Lydia Sosene

Togiatolu Walter Togiamua


Tauanu'a Nick Bakulich

27 April 2021


Joseph Allan

Melissa Atama





Chris Makoare

Debbie Burrows

Maria Meredith


28 April 2021


Scott Milne

Sarah Powrie


Troy Elliot

30 April 2021


Lotu Fuli

Ashraf Choudhary

Apulu Reece Autagavaia

Dawn Trenberth

28 April 2021


Brent Catchpole

Jan Robinson





Harry Doig

Julie Fairey

Julie Fairey

Harry Doig

30 June 2020


Phelan Pirrie

Beth Houlbrooke




Upper Harbour

Margaret Miles

Lisa Whyte

Lisa Whyte

Margaret Miles

28 April 2021


Cath Handley

Bob Upchurch




Waitākere Ranges

Greg Presland

Saffron Toms

Saffron Toms

Greg Presland

28 April 2021


Richard Northey

Kerrin Leoni

Alexandra Bonham

28 April 2021


Kay Thomas

Susan Zhu




About local boards

Local boards represent the communities in their area and make decisions on local issues, activities, and facilities and provide input into regional strategies, policies, plans and decisions.

Each of the 21 local boards has between five and nine members, elected by voters from the area they represent.


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