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Racism has no place in our place

Comment | Deputy Mayor Bill Cashmore

Published: 29 November 2019

Today I read a post made by one of my colleagues about the attacks she has been subjected to. It made my blood boil.

These comments are hateful on every level.

Every time Mayor Phil opens a meeting of the Auckland Council’s Governing Body he reads an affirmation which we all listen to and sagely nod our heads. It talks of tolerance and courtesy, of accepting the combined decisions of others and working in the best interests of our community.

We must turn those sentiments into actions, setting a tone and an example to our communities, standing up for others and refusing to accept behaviour that hurts, offends and degrades others. Sometimes it is not easy to represent all views or reach a conclusion that satisfies everyone – this comes with the territory.

My colleague Josephine Bartley is working in the best interests of her community. She has stood up to be a representative of Aucklanders; to bring her talents, insights and kaupapa to the council table.

She is to be respected. Not attacked.

It is time to say that we do not tolerate attacks on our friends, our colleagues, our fellow Aucklanders. Racism has no place in the myriad of communities that make up our city.

Auckland Council Governing Body Affirmation

We seek wisdom, understanding, insights into the views and circumstances of others, strength to seek what we believe in, humility to accept the combined decisions of others, patience, good humour at all times, tolerance and courtesy, while working in the best interests of our community.