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Waiheke Island's clean fill sites at capacity

Published: 3 December 2019

Waiheke Island residents are being urged to report illegal earthmoving activities to Auckland Council as the island’s clean fill sites reach capacity.

Council Licensing and Regulatory Compliance Monitoring Team Manager Amanda de Jong says, “People need to factor this into their construction plans if they are about the start building or their consent applications if they are about to apply.

“In the past, we have had problems with illegal dumping of clean fill on Waiheke, so we want the public to let us know if they see trucks dumping soil on sites which may be unconsented.”

Clean fill consists of natural materials, such as clay, gravel, rock and topsoil from areas that are not contaminated with chemicals.

Stringent conditions for landfill sites are in place to protect the environment, Amanda says.

“If you witness dumping of fill into sites or areas call 09 301 0101 and speak to the compliance team.”

Visit Auckland Council's website for further information. 


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