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Lights on for Avondale Streetscape project

Published: 27 February 2020

A streetscape enhancement project in Avondale is set to go ahead with the addition of street lighting as part of the design.

The project, to improve slippery paving and streetscape on Great North Road in Avondale Town Centre, was agreed to last year, and the concept design was approved by Whau Local Board at its February business meeting last night.

New Opportunity

During the design process it became clear that there was an opportunity to upgrade the streetlights at the same time as the paving work, which would not have been feasible without the main project taking place.

The lighting upgrade will cost around $600,000- $700,000 which will be shared between Whau Local Board and Auckland Transport. It will help increase visibility and brightness in the area as well as reducing maintenance costs associated with the current older style lighting. In addition, research shows that newer lighting will help reduce crime and accidents.  


Whau Local Board Chair, Kay Thomas, was pleased with the lighting addition to the project.

“We are very pleased to have been able to find a way to upgrade the lighting as well as the paving in this area,” she says.

“While the original project was to simply upgrade the footpath, updating the lights in this busy part of Avondale will be beneficial to everyone who uses the path, the project also aligns with Avondale Business Association’s strategic direction.

“As well as better grip on the surface, the lighting will mean that it will look better, make the area safer and avoid having to dig up the footpath later down the line to replace the older lighting. LED lighting is also more cost-effective.

“We are looking forward to the next step in this project which will be to hear the community’s view on the designs.”

Public consultation on the designs will take place in April, and construction work expected to begin around September-October 2020.


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