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Auckland Council urges responsible cat ownership

Published: 7 July 2020

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Don't sacrifice one of your moggy's nine lives

Cats are the most common household pet, with an estimated 356,400 companion cats in the Auckland region.

Aucklanders love their cats and value their companion animals. 

But every year SPCA shelters receive about 9000 cats and 11,000 kittens.

If we all play our part, through responsible pet ownership, we can make a difference and ensure all cats have safe, happy forever homes.

Auckland Council has partnered with the SPCA and other welfare organisations to develop guidelines to promote responsible pet ownership.

Councillor Cathy Casey says “I’m immensely proud of these guidelines, which affirm the value of cats as companion animals and are there to support Aucklanders who adopt a cat into their whānau.

“I’m really happy to see Auckland Council working alongside organisations such as the SPCA and Companion Animal Council to promote responsible pet ownership”.

The guidelines note the importance of desexing of cats and recommend microchipping as a way to ensure a straying cat can be safely returned home. After the Christchurch earthquake in 2011, 85 per cent of microchipped animals were reunited with their owners, compared with just 15 per cent for those without microchips.

There are also recommendations for innovative ways to keep cats happy and safe such as 'catios' for stay-at-home cats. But these recommendations are also important aspects of keeping your pet cat happy and safe.

Responsible cat ownership also helps keep our unique native birds and lizards safe too, so cats and wildlife can flourish side by side.

Click here for our guidelines for being a responsible cat owner.

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