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Pasifika councillors urge people to get tested

Published: 14 August 2020

Auckland’s Pasifika councillors are urging their communities to seek medical advice if they are feeling unwell and to follow through with getting tested.

“Please contact your GP or Healthline if you are feeling unwell,” said Councillor Alf Filipaina.

Councillor Josephine Bartley said, “Please remember that the virus can easily spread so it is vital we are following social distancing rules, wearing masks where appropriate and check on those who are vulnerable.”

“It is really important to be kind to those who might test positive. Now is not the time to stigmatize or shun people. If we do that, others will be reluctant to come forward and that is the last thing we want,” said Fa'anana Efeso Collins.

All three Councillors urged their communities to remember that testing for COVID is free no matter where it is done.

A list of testing sites in Auckland is available on the Auckland DHB website.

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