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Franklin commits to environmental projects

Funds continue for major projects

Published: 11 September 2020

Franklin Local Board has approved its work programmes and budgets for the 2020-21 year while noting variations could be required because of COVID-19.

Board chair Andy Baker says a lot of work went into formulating budgets in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“People expect services to be maintained and for growth to be catered for, but those are challenges we have to face as a board.

“Residents made it clear during consultation on Auckland Council’s Emergency Budget and on our own Local Board Plan what their expectations are, and we will have to keep working hard to find a path forward.”

He says one area where residents, especially younger people, were vocal, was on maintaining an emphasis on the environment.

“The environment was a major focus for many people who submitted, and that was particularly true for those connecting through the Franklin Youth Advisory Board.

“This board has a commitment to doing everything it practically can to support the environment.”

The board’s environmental work programme contains more than a dozen significant projects:

  • Waiuku waste minimisation, $60,000
  • Pukekohe Industrial Pollution Prevention Programme, $21,000
  • Te Korowai o Papatūānuku stream restoration, $20,000
  • R.E.S.T project, $15,000
  • Pest Free Franklin, $20,000
  • Hūnua Domain Recreation Reserve, $15,000
  • Waterways Protection Fund, Mauku and Whangamarie, $30,000
  • Wairoa River restoration, $30,000
  • Manukau Harbour Forum $1750
  • Papakura Stream landowner engagement $5000

Three unfinished projects have been carried forward:

  • Native plantings at Hunua Domain $9000
  • Wairoa River restoration $7300
  • Manukau Harbour Forum $5000.

Consultation on the future management of Auckland’s regional parks is also now open.Take part at AK Have Your Say.

Submissions will contribute to an update of the council’s current Regional Parks Management Plan. Consultation is open until 12 October.


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