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Residents speak up on Manurewa Local Board Plan

Residents speak up on Manurewa Local Board Plan

Published: 15 September 2020

Manurewa residents have spoken.

The Manurewa Local Board Plan received 934 submissions during recent consultation, outstripping the 20 other local board areas across the city.

Board chair Joseph Allan says the level of feedback into the plan was excellent, with well thought-out submissions from interested groups across the community.

“We had people from across the spectrum, young families to older people, resident and ratepayer groups, environmental organisations and private individuals. It was also helpful being able to call on stakeholder groups such as Manurewa Marae and our youth council.

“It was also pleasing to see strong representations being made from within the Māori and Pasifika communities, and also from youth groups, because as a board, we believe it’s critical that we hear from the diverse groups that make up our community.”

People were able to make paper-based and digital submissions, including using social media. Board members also attended community events and were present at the Manurewa markets, the chair accepted submissions every Friday, and a hearings event was held.

Board members and council staff are analysing the feedback before making final amendments to the plan, ahead of its formal adoption later in the year.

The plan sets out the board’s direction for the next three years, detailing the outcomes it wants to achieve for the area., and the work it will do to make that happen.

Board deputy chair Melissa Atama says the community deserves a vote of thanks for participating in the plan writing process.

“We had a rewarding meeting to cover the feedback from our community, and while it’s fantastic to know we had the most submissions, it’s even better to see the quality of it, and know our rangatahi, Pasifika and Māori communities all made themselves heard.”

Around 8000 submissions were received across the city, making Manurewa’s 934 about 11.5 per cent of those.

Southern boards led the way, with Papakura on 682, the second-highest, and Ōtara-Papatoetoe’s 614, third. Franklin was sixth with 467, with submissions in the south at about 45 per cent of all those made.


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