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Franklin Local Board gets behind budget

Franklin supports infrastructure focus

Published: 13 May 2021

The more focused infrastructure investment approach in Auckland Council’s 10-Year Recovery Budget has been welcomed by Franklin Local Board.

Board chair Andy Baker says using a more strategic infrastructure approach while working within the proposed $31 billion investment programme should be applauded.

The board submitted wide-ranging budget feedback, and Baker says it supports increased investment in areas such as Drury, where the Government has made significant investment.

“We are watching Drury, Karaka, Paerata, Pukekohe, Kingseat and Clarks Beach all undergoing rapid development and it is appropriate that Government-funded infrastructure that underpins that is in place when it should be so Council can leverage from it.

“We are pushing for a similar commitment in the east around Clevedon, Beachlands and Maraetai for the likes of schools and public transport.”

He says the board is also advocating for the Karaka Sports Park and community hub to be included in the 10-year plan so that the project can progress.

“That might mean funding being staged, but that would allow others to seek wider financial support that often requires there to be significant council investment in place, or at least guaranteed.”

The board also says with such widespread development, housing intensification through smaller infill projects, including significant Kainga Ora projects turning single-family dwellings into higher density housing, could go overlooked.

“We are seeing these kinds of developments without the corresponding infrastructure and social infrastructure investment that it really requires.”

It was supportive of selling ageing community assets that were unfit for purpose to reinvest in services and facilities to better meet community needs.

“We received widespread support for that approach from the community during our consultations,” Baker says.

“And we are also behind any efforts to ensure processes and agreements that support goods and services being provided locally, especially at a lower cost.”


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