PulseArt – Over My Shoulder


Depot Artspace, 28 Clarence St, Devonport, Auckland

Street Front Gallery

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Saturday 23 October 2021

Sunday 24 October 2021

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  • Exhibition: 23 October - 10 November
  • Opening event: Saturday 23 October, 2pm-4pm
  • Artist on site: Sundays 24 & 31 October & 7 November




Diana Hu
021 048 2499

PulseArt – Over My Shoulder

Looking back, looking sideways. A glimpse, a fleeting moment, a fixation an ‘assessing’ look.

Each of us looks over their shoulder and from that looking, remembering and exploring, ideas for artworks develop.

The act of looking has reminded us of what was. It is also a looking now in the present, derived from looking back. 

This exhibition is a glance into what has been and could still be for each of us. As artists we approach this subject through painting and collage to reflect on and recreate our personal visual narratives. 

Fran Marno, Beth Hudson, Sue Vincent Marshall and Cathy Head make up the PulseArt collective.

While looking elsewhere, unnoticed, the hand ages. Veins traverse a new landscape, multiplying as they go.

Fran Marno’s hands have measured this journey by their inevitable myriad of lines, veins and wrinkles.

For her there is a particular beauty in this collapse of what was into what now is. Abstraction offers a starting point for fiction. 

Beth Hudson has been thinking about her past while contemplating her future. All sorts of things, people, places, events have come to mind creating a kaleidoscope on memories, impressions and emotions. These are a few.

Sue Vincent Marshall finds this to be an opportunity for her to look back at the still life of Francis Hodgkin’s, ‘Self Portrait: Still Life’, (1935). 

Cathy Head considers that this event provides an occasion to further explore inner feelings through the state of one’s psyche and events that live on in memory.

PulseArt is an Auckland based lesbian group formed in 1999 who aspire to greater lesbian visibility.

They have exhibited mainly in Auckland but also in Hamilton, Wellington and Sydney. Their reason for self-identifying as a lesbian group remains the same.

To quote Harmony Hammond, “To name is to make present. If you do not name, you have no cultural history and if you don’t have a cultural history you do not exist’.

PulseArt’s work is an important vehicle for claiming who they are – for labelling themselves ‘lesbian’. They have a history, it speaks out for them.

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