Rhea Maheshwari – Ethereal Cosmography


Depot Artspace, 28 Clarence Street, Devonport, Auckland

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Saturday 11 December 2021

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Opening event: Saturday 11 December, 2pm-4pm




Diana Hu
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Rhea Maheshwari – Ethereal Cosmography (1)
Rhea Maheshwari – Ethereal Cosmography

This project explores geometric abstraction as a method to frame transcendental ideas.

Rhea’s drawings emerge from literal guide-lines made from a particular combination of horizontal and vertical ruled pencil lines which guide a viewer’s eyes up, down and across the picture plane.

Tools of Euclidean geometry (pencils, rulers and protractors) are utilized in her practice as she make moves and countermoves within this structural schema to achieve a sense of wholeness or balance within the paper substrate.

As she draws connective elements with her drawing tools, the separate compartments begin finding routes and connecting to each other to create something whole, balanced and full.

The whole design, as a result of these cumulative relationships, expresses a certain logic or quality that is greater than its individual parts.

This methodology draws from non-dualist philosophies which emphasise the attainment of balance or equilibria between mind and body through action. The resulting works might act as meditative and contemplative spaces for a viewer to immerse themselves in.

About Rhea Maheshwari

Rhea Maheshwari is an artist based in Auckland, New Zealand and recently graduated with a Master in Visual Arts (Painting) at the Auckland University of Technology. Rhea’s works are influenced by her upbringing in India and her travels to Europe.

She has exhibited her work in contemporary galleries around New Zealand including Broker Galleries (QT)(formerly known as Queenstown contemporary), Physics room (Christchurch), Northart (Akl) and the TSB Wallace Arts centre. Many of her works can be found in the James Wallace Arts Trust Collection.

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