A Stab in the Dark


Q Theatre - Rangatira, 305 Queen Street, Auckland City Centre

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Thursday 10 March 2022

Friday 11 March 2022

Saturday 12 March 2022


Sunday 13 March 2022




A Stab in the Dark

“Why God chose me to save the world is a f*****g mystery.” - Noah (of the Ark)

Right and wrong. Good and bad. Black and white. When the human condition is a grey area that craves absolutes, how can the truth be trusted?

Sit back, and don’t relax, as this new play from the creators of hit crime comedy Mr Red Light takes you for a wickedly funny, suspenseful and unpredictable ride.

Through perspective shifting set design, puppetry, and extraordinary questioning, bear witness as a living nightmare unravels.

A gripping tale from start to finish, A Stab in the Dark is theatre anyone would kill to see.

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