Truthbombs: Comedy, The Essential Service?


The Civic, corner Queen & Wellesley streets, 69-287 Wellesley Street West, Auckland City Centre

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Saturday 19 March 2022




Truthbombs: Comedy, The Essential Service?

Join comedian Pax Assadi as he rounds up some of his favourite comedy friends for a sit-down conversation about the role of comedy in our current society.

Mistrust seems to be a dominating force in our current society.

Politicians are happy to make choices for short-term financial gain, news outlets lean towards stories that attract attention, ignoring the divisive effect it has on all of us and our society seems more divided than ever.

But through it all, there is one group that people turn to in hopes that they will stay honest and keep those in power accountable: comedians.

How truly important is comedy? Is comedy an essential service? Does what comedians say affect the way we perceive what is true?

Think of this as a chance to pull back the curtain and learn some inside baseball on how comedians talk to each other when you’re not around.

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