Puppets Roadshow Toro Pikopiko Tales 2022 Tour


Albany Village Library, 30 Kell Drive, Albany, Auckland

Show map


Wednesday 13 July 2022


Puppets Roadshow Toro Pikopiko Tales 2022 Tour in Albany Village Library
Credits to NZ Herald and Toro Pikopiko. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/toro-pikopiko-puppets-find-new-lease-of-life-in-audio-books/ILS6SZXMVXKPFK4RNXZQWKUIMU/

Toro Pikopiko Tales Roadshow is coming to Albany Village Library.

Suitable for families, please arrive on time so that you can enjoy the entire experience.

This roadshow offers children a tactile experience with a range of unique puppets.

Allows children to become the puppeteers and storytellers themselves with specially crafted puppets, and a chance to listen to some live music.

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