Creative Talk: Jules Older


The PumpHouse Theatre, 2a Manurere Avenue, Takapuna, Auckland

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Monday 1 August 2022




Mags Delaney
09 486 2386

09 486 2386

Seating is limited so booking is recommended

Creative Talk: Jules Older (1)
Creative Talk: Jules Older

Jules Older, psychologist and children’s author.

Jules Older took his Ph.D. in clinical psychology, then worked with impoverished students at Brooklyn College.

He taught Human Behaviour to medical students by day, then Writing For Real to aspiring writers at night, both at the University of Vermont.

Jules has published more than 25 children’s books, edited two ski magazines, and has been the ski blogger for the San Francisco Chronicle. His work has won pretty major awards in four countries.

Jules will share his thoughts and experiences of being a ‘creative’.

Creative Talks

Stories are at the heart of creativity. The PumpHouse Theatre’s series of Creative Talks is an informal early-evening event where local artists and creatives share their stories and ideas with our community whether they have a lifelong passion or are new to the arts.

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